AIP discusses Save Food Packaging Consortium and Fight Food Waste CRC at AIFST convention 


The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) hosted a breakout session yesterday at the AIFST convention in Sydney where we discussed the role that packaging plays in minimising Food Waste, Sustainable Packaging and the AIP led Fight Food Waste CRC Save Food Packaging Consortium and up-coming project.

The speakers in the session were Ralph Moyle FAIP, Education Coordinator, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), who discussed Sustainable Packaging,  Dr Karli Verghese FAIP, REDUCE Program Leader, Fight Food Waste CRC,  who discussed the Fight Food Waste CRC and the Role of packaging in minimising food waste and Nerida Kelton MAIP, Executive Director, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) who showcased innovative Save Food Packaging award winning designs and also presented the project outline for the AIP led Save Food Consortium project within the CRC.

Over 70 people attended the session and there were dynamic questions from the attendees during the panel discussion at the end. A number of people stayed on after the session had closed to discuss the topics further.

For more information, visit Australian Institute of Packaging 


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