How 3D Systems Partners with Customers to Push Boundaries 


Despite the 3D printing manuals and how-to’s in circulation around the world and on the web, the fact remains that many 3D printing rules are still mostly guidelines.

Capabilities have caveats: an impossible part becomes possible; what builds beautifully on one technology requires reconfiguring for another; sometimes 3D printing means getting your hands dirty, other times it is just a matter of pressing buttons. At 3D Systems, we have found one thing to hold true regardless, and that is our firm belief that 3D printing is a worthy investment in your future and in the future of your business. We believe this because we see incredible customer innovation on a daily basis that could be achieved in no other way. We see our customers impress and be impressed time and time again because our technology is so receptive to boundary pushing.

There are two sides to boundary pushing: the side with all the glory, and the side with all the grit. Our application engineers and  pride themselves in their deep familiarity with both sides and are most in their element with their sleeves rolled up, thinking caps on. This translates into meaningful partnerships for our customers that are built on our sincere mutual interest to arrive at the best solution possible for any given challenge.

When we talk about partnerships at 3D Systems, we are referring to the relationships we develop with our On Demand clients, where trust and expertise is shared and successes are celebrated together for the betterment of both businesses.

At 3D Systems, our core approach across technologies, products and services is to deliver extraordinary to our customers, and we do this in several ways. The first is by understanding our customers’ needs and wants. Whether this is a flexible manufacturing structure that meets cost or scheduling requirements, delegated low volume production to ease logistical burdens or help devising a new solution to an old problem through better design in comparable materials, our first priority is to listen.

From there, we put our combined years of experience to work to address, and in many cases, advance the desired outcome. Our team is hardwired to innovate and can frequently offer solutions that have been overlooked or are unheard of. From our experience, collaborating in this way delivers returns far greater than expectations across a variety of metrics, from total time and costs to improved part and system performance. When it comes to working with customers to push boundaries, they show us where the boundaries are and we show them where to push.

No other global service bureau in the industry offers the complete suite of manufacturing services the way we can. From 3D printed prototypes to final production, we provide additive manufacturing services such as Stereolithography (SLA),  Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and Direct Metal Printing (DMP) as well as subtractive technologies, such as CNC machininginjection moldingsheet metal, and our proprietary QuickCast Investment Casting. We offer customers easy access to the widest range of 3D printers and materials with 24/7 online ordering, a digital order management console, and production in as fast as one day. 

About 3D Systems On Demand

Our people know how to bring your ideas to life. With more combined years of service in additive and traditional manufacturing than any other service bureau, we are driven with a relentless pursuit of turning your designs into reality.  

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