Plasdan Rotary Platens Ancillary Injection Units and Cube Tooling….The Possibilities are endless!! 


Here at Tasman Machinery we have always taken pride by introducing the leading innovations and technology to the Australian and New Zealand plastics industries.

For our injection moulding customers, Plasdan is an incredibly interesting company worth a closer look.

Plasdans ability to “think outside the box” allows injection moulders to truly innovate in their approach to injection moulding. Plasdan achieve this through 3 key products they manufacture.

Removebale Rotary Platen Solutions 

Plasdan have developed a full range of removable rotary platens, suitable for machines from 50 through to 2500 tonne clamp force.

These rotary platens allow cutsomers to run machines as either standard injection moulding machines, or when combined with anciallry injection units, as 2 shot machines.

Equiped with servo motors, the platens rotate extremely fast with ultimate precsion positioning.

Ancillary Injection Units 

Plasdan provide a full range of anciallry injection units, in both horozontal and vertical orientations.

Again these are designed to allow users to make use of them for specific jobs and then remove them, to allow the injection moulding machine be used as a normal machine.

Just like the rotary platens, these injection uints are all electric in operation, providing a clean simple solution with maximum energy efficency.

Options available include up to 6 zone sequential valve gate control, and 24 zone hot runner control.

Features of the Plasdan anciallry injection units include:
- Screw sizes from 16 through to 50mm.
- High speed injection speeds up to 500mm/Sec for food packaging, and thin wall applications
- Ultra precise pot shot technology for micro or medical moulding, down to 1cm3.

Plasdan Cube Tooling & Turn Key Projects:

Plasdan have built a worldwide reputation for allowing the impossible to be made possible. Whether in packaging, automotive, medical, or consumer products, the combination of Plasdans expertise in cube tooling, combined with anciallry injection units, and/or rotary tables.

Imagine using your normal injection moulding machine to run an injection-blow product like in this image…..with Plasdans expertise it is possible!

To gain a better understanding of what is capable from Plasdan have a view of a couple of videos.

Watch a normal injection moulding machine turn into an injection-blow moulding machine

By combining a Plasdan ancillary injection unit, and Plasdans cube technology expertise, wach how a multi component prouct can come out of the injection moulding machine fully assembled.




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