New Small Sepro-Yaskawa 6-Axis Robots Added to 6X Visual Product Line 


Continuing its already-successful product-development collaboration with Yaskawa-Motoman, Sepro Group (La Roche-Sur-Yon, France) is expanding its 6X Visual family of robots with three smaller 6-axis units sized for injection-molding machines (IMMs) with up to 500 tons of clamp.

Like other robots in the Sepro-Yaskawa line, the new models – the 6X-70/70L, the 6X-140, and the 6X-170/170L – are designed as general-purpose workhorse robots, providing an attractive balance of power, efficiency, agility and economy. Four larger Sepro-Yaskawa 6-axis robots were introduced in 2016 for applications on presses up to 5000 tons. All Sepro-Yaskawa robots are equipped with Sepro’s premium Visual 3 control platform, whose intuitive, graphical interface and supporting features make programming and operating even complex 6-axis robots easy.

“Sepro is focused on bringing the widest possible range of robot choices to the injection molding industry worldwide. To do that, we continue to expand our internal product-development capabilities and to develop collaborative products like these with other leading robot makers like Yaskawa,” says Sepro Group Managing Director Jean-Michel Renaudeau. “All of these efforts reflect our belief that both IMM makers and plastics processors want flexibility and choice when it comes to adopting and adapting technology to meet their operating requirements.”

Key specifications for the new robots are presented in the table on the next page.

IMM Size


Payload Kg


   20-200 T







   80-200 T




   150-500 T








The Sepro 6X Visual product line also includes other 6-axis articulated-arm robots produced in partnership with Stäubli Robotics. Available in four sizes for molding machines from 20 to 1300 tons, the Sepro-Stäubli line offers a premium solution for carrying out any task, from part unloading to complex automation applications. They are designed with a clean, closed structural design that makes them ideal medical and cleanroom (ISO 5) production.

About Sepro

Sepro was one of the first companies in the world to develop Cartesian beam robots for injection-molding machines, introducing its first CNC controlled “manipulator” in 1981. Today, having equipped more than 33,000 injection-molding machines, Sepro Group is one of the largest sellers of robots in the world. Its 3-, 5- and 6-axis servo robots, special-purpose units and complete automation systems, are all supported by the Visual control platform developed by Sepro especially for injection molders. This unique controller is a key component in what the company refers to as ‘Open Integration’ – a collaborative approach to equipment connectivity and interoperability between the robot and the IMM that can be tailored to exactly suit the specific needs of processors and injection-molding OEMs. For Sepro and its customers and partners, “The Future is Wide Open 4.0!”

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