SVM-1010 Thermoforming Equipment / Sheet Thermoforming 


The HIGHPOINT Model SVM-1010 is a solidly constructed Vacuum Forming Machine for producing smaller and simpler forming work in cut plastic sheet - as part of our 'BASIC' range, this machine brings vacuum forming within the reach of anyone wanting to produce lower volumes and samples inhouse, and is ideal for educational facilities as well.

The Model SVM-1010 features an Adjustable Window Plate for changing the Forming Area, assisted by Reducing Window Plates.  Powerful overhead glass heating elements are situated in the well-insulated sliding heater bank, and this machine is supplied with a powerful high-capacity vacuum pump.  The Clamping Frame is simple and easy-to-use, and the machine is supplied on heavy-duty castors.

Forget about building your own Vacuum Forming Machine when you see the SVM-1010 at such a competitive price......


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