One of the most important things with wine bottling is making sure there’s no glass in the container at the time of bottling or during any time after.

Although a large portion of wine bottles are bottled at very slow speeds, the risk of contamination is high.

The risk of contamination is high due to the inability to physically to see inside the container. This is primarily because a lot of wine is red, or dark in color.

Another component that makes wine inspection difficult is that most wine bottles have a very large push-up.  The mechanical purpose of the push up is to prevent the container from rolling around when it’s made. However, there is no
specification on how large the push up can be. In some cases, such as champagne bottles, the push-up can be as large as twenty to thirty millimeters. Typical inspection systems have a hard time seeing around the push-up, and often contaminants can “hide” within this section of the bottle.

In order to properly inspect these bottles, Peco-InspX has developed a special X-ray system that can completely see the entire inside and outside of a bottle and ensure it’s free of foreign material. Inspection machines at Peco-InspX are capable of detecting foreign material as small as two millimeters in size.

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