DSM’s Akulon® GA-XL portfolio of polyamide 6 (PA6) grades meets stringent UV weathering conditions to provide Original Equipment Manufacturers with the option of designing unpainted exterior parts and trims. Distributed by Redox, the polyamide range offers a sustainable alternative to paint while also providing an optimal balance between price and performance.

Painting exterior parts provides a high-quality surface that protects against UV weathering. Paint not only increases the financial cost, it also impacts on the environment through its release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere during the drying process, leading to increased air pollution, fine particular matter and visible smog.

Available in two glass reinforced versions, the 30% glass filled grades are suitable for exterior applications such as gas assist door handles, while the 50% glass reinforced grades can replace metal or polyphthalamide-based (PPA) solutions in semi-structural applications that require a combination of strength, stiffness, and superior surface appearance. The 30% Akulon GA-XL grades demonstrate better moulding performance than standard PA6 grades in overflow gas injection processes.

They provide excellent UV resistance, passing some of the most stringent UV weathering tests prescribed by the automotive industry today – including SAE J2527 up to 3000 hours and the Florida test. The Akulon GA-XL grades can be produced at lower injection pressures using the same moulding machines as standard grades, with less tool wear and no flow marks. Their broad processing window also allows for more freedom in part design.

Royal DSM is a purpose-led global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions and collaborations that contribute to a circular economy, representing nature and the circle of life.

Through our dedicated team of plastic and foam specialists, at Redox we deliver real value and a fresh approach to meeting our customer’s needs in a dynamic market. Our principals are leaders in their respective products, allowing us to deliver the widest range of quality materials at a price which allows you to thrive.

To discuss the Akulon® GA-XL portfolio and how to ensure your next unpainted part design can withstand extreme UV weathering while reducing processing costs, visit Redox Pty. Ltd. 


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