STADLER® Anlagenbau GmbH and CEMAC Technologies to partner for the Australian and New Zealand Market. 

by PlastixANZ 

CEMAC Technologies is very proud to announce the newly formed partnership.  With over 250 STADLER® Turn-Key Sorting Plants and over 800 stand-alone machines sold worldwide, STADLER® is a true market leader in the recycling and waste disposal industry.  Each STADLER® plant works efficiently and is tailored to the customer requirements. 

Some of the applications of STADLER® sorting plants include:

- Light packaging material 

- Paper and cardboard 

- Refuse-derived fuel 

- Film 

- Municipal solid waste 

- Commingled  - Plastic bottles 

- Industrial waste 

- Construction waste / bulky waste 

- Recycling woods for the chipboard industry Covering such a wide range of know-how and applications, STADLER® is an essential contributor to the Recycling Industries and the Circular Economy. 

Given the current market conditions, Australia is ideally placed to make use of further opportunities and investments into the local recycling capacities. 


For more information please visit or email [email protected] 


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