30LD - Latest Technology Tester for Drums up to 30L based on years of experience. 


Profile Solutions has been building leak tester for drums up to 30L for close to two decades, with a hardy, proven design.

The 30LD is actually a 4LD with faster filling, bigger conveyor and test head cylinder so we can always have a good seal on the larger necks.

The general design of our machine is very flexible with a 304 mm (12 inch wide conveyor), with the chain encapsulated with an internal return.

The standard conveyor length is 1200 mm, but can if need be made little shorter or two any length. The design of our machines are such we pioneered the design for compact packaging decades ago. We have found 1200 mm to be good size that does not waste space.

A lot of companies making containers in this volume end up accepting larger holes sizes.

As its core is a 4LD it’s possible on one head to test up to 4000+ small container per hour, if extended guide rails are used, but thats not the purpose of this machine.

When testing a 1.1kg 20L and finding 0.18 (7 thou in holes) running at a moderate conveyor speed (25%), we can process around 145-160 container per hour. If we were aiming for 0.3-0.34 mm holes we could fill and test a container in 6-8 seconds. The  far smaller holes take extra time time and very consistent machine. Many of the drum testers made in the world could sit there for a lot longer (minutes) and they don’t get down to anywhere near 0.18 mm.

As a manufacturer of machines we realise it’s hard for buyers to verify the hole sizes people can find

BEWARE a self-test orifice being used that is not the same thickness as your drums because they do not emulate the real pressure drop caused by a real hole. It’s why we verify out rates making real holes in containers. A lot of our competitors are big vague in their general information. The hole they say they can find in the orifice may be very different to the real hole size in your container.

The unit is made on the frame design we also pioneered in the late 1990's and many have copied to varying degrees. This allows a massive range of conveyor height adjustment.

We have been innovators since day one in 1993.

The unit is controlled by own proprietary control with 5 inch his res capacitive touchscreen.

We offer a rare mix of super performance and reasonable pricing.

We may be locally made, but we are not ordinary, we have for decades made extraordinary performance machines.

For example who else can test a small pharmaceutical container at 13,000 test per hour on one head?

All of that technology travels through the whole range.

The 30LD can also be made with

  • Up to 7 heads.
  • Orientation systems for round drums.
  • Bung insertion systems
  • Hole melting systems
  • Container weighing.
  • We have made 30LD's with top load and height detection.
  • Cap placing / tightening on the neck or adhesive label to prevent dust incursion.

The one things we have had to be in our regional market is versatile and being able to customise. A huge proportion of the testers we make have some small degree of customisation.

This super flexibility and experience makes us an easy choice for anyone in the world, so you don’t have to have an expensive standard model and pay massively for extra options.

We also make testers for containers up to 1000L IBC drums and 200-250L round drums..




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