From Process to Pallet. Baked Goods Packaging Equipment at IBA 2018 


Bradman Lake having recently purchased Ibonhart, a long-established leading manufacturer of automatic bread slicing and bread packaging equipment for the bakery industry, launches at IBA the BS420A variable slice thickness band slicer fully integrated into the latest version of its IBPro Bread Bagging machine.

The exhibit also includes the SL903 End Load Cartoner linked to the ZX600 Case Packer and the VGR2000 Vision-Guided Robot feeding the infeed of the FT120 Flow Wrapper, demonstrating the company’s ability to offer all sectors of the bakery industry Process to Pallet solutions, making Bradman Lake the obvious one stop shop.

Baked Goods Packaging lines on display:

Crackers Packaging Line

SL903 End Load Cartoner
The SL903 will place a tray of crackers into the carton then seal it. Once the carton is sealed it is transferred to the ZX600 Case Packer, which is small footprint, robotic top-loading machine, including a highly efficient glue-delivery solution tied into the controlling PLC.

ZX600 Case Packer
Very small footprint robotic top load case packer. The machine uses Fanuc M10 (6 axis) robot that not only collates the products but also preconditions the cases for repeatable carton loading. Robot and glue systems directly interface with the Rockwell Automation programmable controller using pre-loaded customized add-on instructions. All from one central point of operation. Aggregation and serialisation enabled. SL903 End Load Cartoner

Bread Packaging Line on display:

BS420 Bread Slicer and IBPro Bagger
The BS420 Bread Slicer and IBPro Bagger is extremely efficient, space saving and incorporates hardwearing components, it is an all in one slicing bagging machine that can reduce waste and time. It is the worlds most advanced bagging system available today.


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