Speedy flexx: Maxximum Flexxibility 

Speedy flexx series
With a working area of 610 x 305 mm (24 x 12 inch) the unique laser engraver is optimally suited for all standard material sizes. 
The machines of the Speedy flexx series are equipped with both a CO2 and a fiber laser. This allows customers to perform endless applications. The CO2 laser source is ideally suited for engraving and cutting plastics, wood, rubber, leather and many other materials. The fiber laser is the right tool for marking metals and staining plastics. The machines of the Speedy flexx Series: Speedy 100 flexxSpeedy 300 flexx and Speedy 400 flexx.

Maxximum flexxibility – in applications and for the customers
Thanks to Trotec's development, the patented flexx function, both laser sources can be activated in only one process step. The laser software JobControl guarantees time saving and flexibility throughout the day. The highlight for the customer: Speedy 100 grows with your business. The laser sytem is "ready f 

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