Greiner Extrusion launches Digi.Line 4.0 for Real-Time profile Extrusion Optimisation 


Greiner Extrusion received a overwhelming response from extrusion industry professionals at the launch and ongoing live demonstrations of Digi.Line Extrusion 4.0 producing a hollow chamber profile at their booth at last week’s triennial plastics manufacturing showcase, K-Fair in Dusseldorf Germany.

Representing a significant technology breakthrough for profile production, Digi.Line Extrusion 4.0 controls the extrusion process from the tooling die to the stacking table digitally optimizing in real time the production process. Digi.Line minimizes material consumption and increases output by ensuring error-free reproduction of all process parameters.

Key features are:
• Digi.Control with 15” HMI inter-connects and controls all line components for complete reproducibility of process parameters and fast start-ups.
• Flow.Matic ensures automatic control of full profile sections in conjunction with Digi.Tank which controls water level, flow rates and Vacuum settings.
• ShapeMatic ensures exact geometry is maintained of the profile shape.
• DigiScale in conjunction with Weigh.Matic automates profile weight optimization.

The combined benefits of Digi.Line optimization on a typical PVC hollow chamber window profile weighing 1.2kg/m at 350kg/hr output can be up to €125,000 per annum savings.

Greiner Extrusion is the worlds leading supplier of extrusion lines, tooling and turnkey plants for profile extrusion, whose core competency is process expertise in profile extrusion – development, design, manufacture and process optimization of tooling and extrusion lines.

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