Flight Plastic Extrusion 


Flight manufactures rigid plastic sheet and rollstock for Pacific Rim and European markets from factories in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Flight is one of the largest manufacturers of extruded sheet in Australasia and has been supplying those markets for over 30 years. By being located close to customers in these markets, Flight can offer high levels of service and efficient scrap recycling capability.

Two distinct markets are served: Light gauge rollstock is produced for thin wall packaging thermoformers in a range of polymers including APET, PLA, polystyrene and polypropylene. Heavier gauge sheet is produced for a variety of industrial uses, which range from heavy mouldings for the automotive and transport dunnage industries, through to screen printers and display advertising requirements. Flight has developed expertise in many industrial polymers, including ABS, HDPE and Polystyrene.

To serve the customised nature of this business, Flight runs a range of extrusion lines, producing sheet from 500 micron to 15mm in gauge and at widths up to 2400mm. In addition, further variables to the finished products are offered with different polymers, laminated or co-extruded layers and embossed patterns.

Flight has longstanding relationships with the United States and European equipment suppliers, and immediate access to the latest polymer technology and innovations.


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