PLASQUIP PT-1500 Plastic Polishing Equipment / Diamond Edge Polishing 

New plasquip Plastic Polishing Equipment:

Newly released to the Australian and New Zealand markets, the Model PT-1500 offers polishing of up to a maximum of 80mm and an infinite length.

With an easy adjustment for handling different material thicknesses, there is an Auto Compensation Feature which can allow for the well-known problem of sheet thickness variations, and the Dual Motor/Belt System allows for synchronized material feeding of 'gang-stacked' pieces of acrylic.

The PLASQUIP Model PT-1500 uses the MITSUBISHI Belts (MADE IN JAPAN), SKF Bearings (MADE IN SWITZERLAND), Quality Coil Springs (MADE IN GERMANY), and a DELTA Frequency Inverter and Spindle Motor(MADE IN TAIWAN). The fully-imported DELTA High-Speed Spindle Motor offers high speed, precision, and stability. The Model PT-1500 is equipped with an Swarf Extraction Unit with a vortex pump for higher pressure ratio, low noise, low energy consumption, and is virtually maintenance-free.

The Model PT-1500 is safe and easy-to-use, is very operator-friendly, and is CE Certified. Using a special 3-Tip Diamond Tool configuration, PLASQUIP can offer a full Machine & Tool Servicing back-up with our local Diamond Tool specialist and Machine Technicians Australia-Wide.

Other Technical Specifications are:

*Spindle Speed = 2,000 - 20,000RPM
*Cutting Speed = max. 1,000mm/min. (suggested average Working Speed = 600mm/min.)
*Machine Input Power = 220/1PH or 380V/3PH
*Swarf Extraction Unit Unit Power = 2.2kW
*Rated Machine Power = 1.3kW
*Machine Weight = 410kg
*Overall Machine Dimensions = 1,850mm x 800mm x 900mm


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