Maintenance of Robot Arm for Injection Molding Machine (Part One) 


Do you still remember the worldwide launch ceremony of Lamborghini at Lamborghini headquarters in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy?

The release conference was held in the Urus factory, with 8 Robots cooperating to work in the main stage. However, an accident occurred on the site, and the Robots failed to work, so the release conference was interrupted.

“The accident occurred when release conference was held in the 5 min and 5 sec.”

It's a very important event and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni was there when the accident occurred.

The activity itself was very successful, except this episode of accident. And no matter from the outside field to the stage, especially with the use of onsite diamond elements, the whole venue was well connected through this visual element and the guests seemed to travel to another world in the channel with a great sense of design.

So, today we're going to talk about how to repair and maintain Robots
What do you know about the knowledge of Robot maintenance?

The cause of failures that the automated Robot may have
The connecting parts of Robot are mainly fixed with screws which may become loose due to long time vibration, it will result in falling apart of Robot or breakage of some connecting parts.
On the other hand, maybe the Robot vibration results into the looseness of wire joint or relay, which leads to poor contact of electric circuit and the Robot may be out of control, electronic control system halted, burnt out the electronic control and etc.

Pay attention to daily protection
1.Shock absorber: periodic replacement.
2.The seals of cylinder, the air pipe, the joint, which has been used for a long time, should be changed in time.
3.Wire connector, plug, socket should be regular checked.
4.Pneumatic components: All the simple or multifunctional Robots rely on the supply of air source, which needs keeping stable air source and without water.Air and water are different medium, gas is invisible and water is visible. solenoid valve belongs to precision components, when water stay in electromagnetism, air pipe or cylinder, it will generate the scale, which may result into that the solenoid valve gets stuck, gas released, seal broken, inside or outside air leakage of cylinder, unstable or no movement, damage of air pipe and connector, etc.

To sum up, the automatic Robot can effectively replace the manual work to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and the maintenance cost is low. Of course, the Robot also needs to be carefully maintained in the daily maintenance so as to avoid the Robot failure and the impact on the production efficiency.

ALFA Robot stands out from many Robot brands, with the high precision parts, solid and delicate work, its reliability, durability and safety. During the actual operation of Robots, many customers who well-maintains the Robots have used them for more than 10 or even 15 years. To ensure the high quality of products is not only the bottom line that ALFA has always kept, but also the "secret of success" that ALFA becomes the synonym of high-quality automation equipment.


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