Multi feeder precision volumetric additive dosing unit is here. 


With virgin material addtitive mixing, the demand for an excellent mix quality and consistencyof accurate dosing is a must during machine processing.

Motan Colortronic has produced a Miniblend V the volumetric additive dosing unit that allow up to 3 components dosing. With its capability of disc dosing, is it ideal for translucent and opaque parts as well as for dosing very small quantities. It's micro granules feed allow user to dose accurately to less than 1 gram per cycle and also provide capability powder dosing.

This device can be mounted between the machine hopper and the feed throat of the plastics processing machine. The unit requires very little space and can withstand high temperature environment. It also comes with stainless steel components to suit clean/ medical manufacturing conditions.   

Here are some of the Motan Miniblend V benefits;

  • Vertical additive dosing
    - Greater accuracy as no material hang-up or bridging
  • Synchronous dosing
    - Better quality of end product and save money because no over dosing of expensive materials
  • Mounting flange
    - Easy to fit – on different sized feed throats Disc dosing
  • Disc dosing
    - Very high dosing accuracy - even for small dosing quantities
  • Dosing motor
    - Greater reliability as maintenance-free servo motor with microprocessor control
  • Simple calibration
    - Quick and easy with no material spillage
  • Quick material changeovers
    - Higher efficiency as more time spent in production
  • Multiple hopper combinations
    - fit to your application

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