SACMI D-Match Digital Labelling Customisation Solution 


Sacmi Labelling (Verona Itlay) latest solution allows manufacturers to personalise label graphics by combining high quality digital printing with Sacmi’s high-speed, precision label application technology. A “real time to market” solution made economical and versatile thanks to the “roll to bottle” system that incorporates the digital module working directly in-line with the labeller.

Sacmi Verona’s decades of experience with multiple labelling technologies and unrivalled digital cap printing know-how (acquired through the development of the successful COLORA CAP) has resulted in the new digital label printing module which offers the market a versatile, economical solution that maximises personalisation while ensuring high digital print quality at high speeds combined with lower logistics and reel storage costs.

'Roll to bottle' in-line digital printing defines an high-performing solution designed to work directly in-line with the labeller (self-adhesive PSL). On-label digital print quality is guaranteed up to 720 dpi, with output rates as high as 60 metres of reel per minute. The D-Match module maximises graphic design opportunities by providing up to 7 colours (CMYK plus 3 spot colours). It also incorporates the label drying system and a film aligning device at the labeller infeed. Completing the picture is the automatic reel splice system, eliminating any downtime or interruptions to production.

Agile customization (i.e. logos, codes and just about anything else) of pre-printed labels - without the inconvenience of having to install complex machines designed to print directly on the bottle - provides yet another Sacmi D-Match plus-point. The solution enables customers to explore all the opportunities of 'digital customization’ immediately - via an easy, affordable investment. The D-match solution can also be retrofitted to existing Sacmi labelling machines.

Because the module works directly on the label, there's the added advantage of being able to operate independently of bottle shape. Additional features include the compact design, incorporated within the labeller footprint and a bypass system which can be used to apply pre-printed (non customized) labels. These features round off a solution designed to maximise the customer's brand and product enhancement opportunities and optimise logistics and process costs.


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