Fusion FX Camouflage 

by Ampacet 

FusionFx infuses color at random into an injection-molded PP part. FusionFx ensures that finished products are consistent, but never look exactly alike. The designer be- comes the artist,says Linda Carroll, Director, Global Color Insight at Ampacet. Fu- sionFx represents abstraction in its truest form.

From a camouflage-look fishing tackle box, to a plastic outdoor table suggesting the hefty weight of granite, to a trash can with the tactile look of cork, to toys speckled with vibrant colors, FusionFx presents endless opportunities for creativity. Applications, lim- ited only by the imagination, include sporting goods, housewares, caps and closures, toys, personal care/cosmetic products, appliances, sports vehicles and accessories and outdoor furniture.

Our proprietary masterbatch process produces randomized flow of color effects during the injection molding process, for what we call consistent inconsistencies,says Doug Brownfield, Ampacet Strategic Business and Marketing Manager. FusionFx enables mass customization and also ensures that the physical properties of the finished part are maintained.

The four palettes, Carnival, Cork, Camouflage and GeoClassics, suit a wide range of product applications. Carnival combines the spontaneity of brightly-colored confetti with the use of unanticipated and explosive accents for high-energy fun; Cork imbues prod- ucts with the look of calming, yet powerful and imperishable natural wood elements; Camouflage grabs the spotlight by revealing breathtaking nature-mimicking effects; and GeoClassics takes cues from the rugged and bold look of granite, concrete and quartz to give even a lightweight plastic product the visual weight of stone.

Each of the four FusionFx palettes has six standard variations. The FusionFx palette offerings utilize several colors from our 14 color product line. The full product line in- cludes ROYGBIV color spaces, along with special effects, making customization options virtually limitless.

FusionFx provides random effects with an additional advantage: the letdown rate of less than 0.5% ensures minimal cost impact. The effect from FusionFx will vary with every injection process, based on individual processing parameters.


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