Resilient Riding Fun for Cool Cruisers 

High-quality longboard wheels of the kind produced by the Californian manufacturer AEND Industries, for example, are made from polyurethane cast elastomers. These plastic systems combine resilient elasticity, mechanical load bearing capacity and high abrasion resistance in an almost ideal manner. With the polyurethanes of known versatility, it is the combination of selected components that unites the apparently contrasting properties. The MDI molecules commonly present in polyurethanes usually act as the hard segment in the plastic, while PolyTHF® from BASF is used by the Californian specialists as the soft segment for this ambitious application.

Processing of the high value polyurethane cast elastomers is relatively uncomplicated for the user. At low processing temperatures of about 50 degree Celsius, the wheels are cast in metal molds and can be reworked directly after cooling and hardening. This naturally makes it much easier for the manufacturer to offer a broad range of longboard wheels of different sizes, widths and strengths. In this way, every young or young-at-heart individualist can find the wheels to meet their own needs.


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