Greiner Digi.Line 4.0 FLOW.MATIC Fully Automatic Control of Profile Sections 


The functional dimensions of the profile sections can now be ensured automatically and within seconds thanks to FLOW.MATIC – the further development of FLOW.CONTROL.

FLOW.MATIC is based on the proven FLOW.CONTROL technology. The temperature and thus the melt flow is controlled directly in the die by heating or cooling. FLOW.MATIC now measures the filling level of the individual profile sections and together with the die function FLOW.CONTROL, it builds up a fully automatic control loop. The reaction takes place visibly within a few seconds. This results in constant profile measurements even when process fluctuations occur and without any manual intervention. The settings can be reproduced at any time.

Benefits are:

• Fully automatic control of the profile sections

• Production close to the lowest profile weight tolerance

• Minimized material input

• Precise profile sections without manual intervention

• Assured reproducibility

Estimated Savings due to material savings and lower scrap rate:  

FLOW.CONTROL: ~  € 27.000 p.a.

FLOW.MATIC: ~  € 48.000 p.a. 

Example window frame: 

12 kg/m, 5000 p.a. production time, 1.2 €/kg material cost, 350 kg/hr output.  

Greiner Extrusion Group is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies 



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