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Andy Andersons Industrial Cleaning was facing a problem, several in fact. While they had plenty of work, the jobs were taking too long and costing too much to complete. Thousands were spent on 'big name' industrial vacuums, however they simply could not cope with the demands of the work. The vacuums started out fine but very quickly the fine dust would block up the filters and restrict airflow. The hassles were to painful: stopping a job to shake the filters every 10 – 20 minutes, empty the machine every 1/2 hour, or order a replacement for a burnt out motor every other week. A better solution was needed.

Not Just Products but Services as well..

Failing to find a vacuum that was up to the job, necessity forced the crew at Andy Andersons to develop tools that would allow quicker, less costly, and less frustrating cleaning. After a number of unsuccessful attempts, finally something that worked, and worked well. What they came up with was quickly nicknamed the 'Dust Eater', a name given because of its ability to plough through cleaning jobs, often of up to 8 hours, without stopping once. That was 12 years ago; almost a hundred design modifications later, and thousands of hours in 'on the job trials', the vacuum has been refined to make it even more reliable and more powerful.

Benefit of Partnering with Hilton

After seeing the cleaning, hassle and time saving results of this NEW breed of vacuums, Andy Andersons customers started demanding a HILTON vacuum for themselves...



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