Mini Dryers for small rate drying 


Drying system for small rate resin drying. Option A: Portable drying system with dryer and hopper on floor stand to allow for flexible usage from press to press as needed, where an optional JIT loader is the only press mounted component. Option B: Hopper on machine throat, dryer on floor.

10 cfm dryer available with 2.2kg, 7kg, or a 14kg capacity stainless steel drying hoppers for throughputs from 0.5 - 5kg per hour.

Various Engineering grade resins.

Sized for small rate drying up to 5kg per hour, energy efficient dryers that operate on 110 or 220 volt electrics with a very small footprint. Dryers available in the desiccant, compressed air or nitrogen designs. Ideal for frequent material changes and easy clean-out. Advanced Dryer Controls are easy to set-up and handle all of your drying operation and diagnostics.

Meet Jim Poglitsch, Service Manager celebrating over 30 years working at Dri-Air Industries 

If you ask Jim Poglitsch what most customers of Dri-Air Industries tell him about their dryers, it is "how long they last." As Service Manager for Dri-Air, the leading maker of plastics drying equipment, Jim is proud to identify the many dryers that he installed in his first year or two at Dri-Air, where he has worked for more than 30 years. "Many of them are still going strong, and it's because our customers know that we will be there partnering with them on their dryers, for as long as it takes," he notes.


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