Meet the Aspect Productivity Technology Team 


Meet Bob Dedekind – Technical Manager

Tell us what you do every day at AspectPT?
I’m AspectPT’s Technical Manager. This involves looking after our technical team, as well as steering the development path of AspectPL itself. This requires me to spend time meeting with our customers across New Zealand and Australia, so I do a fair bit of travelling.

What is the best thing about working with AspectPL clients?
I’m a “solutions” sort of person, so I love working with our customers to improve their everyday lives and increase production efficiency. I firmly believe that we should get computers to do what they do best (calculations, data processing and storage, etc.) and free up human time to do what humans do best (planning, problem solving, analysis). Putting someone on the shop floor to collect data on a clipboard and then have someone else type it into a spreadsheet is not a good use of human potential.

What is the AspectPL feature that you have seen make the most improvements for clients?
Without doubt it’s the machine connected Scheduler. The time saving for a reasonably sized plant is huge. It frees up staff from having to run around collecting machine data and updating spreadsheets.

Tell us about an interesting career or personal achievement.
I love military aircraft and back in the nineties (when I was in South Africa) I worked with the Russian jet engine company Klimov. They modified their RD-33 engine (used in the Mig-29) so it could work in a Mirage F1 fighter. My job was to compute the expected lifetime of the turbine blades based on 3D algorithms we had developed (that the Russians didn’t have). A member of their design team turned out to be a KGB “minder”, sent along to keep an eye on everyone else. It was exceptionally stressful but great fun and ultimately a very rewarding project.

What is your ideal Saturday?
Having the family around for a barbecue, or maybe meeting up with friends at a vineyard for lunch.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Nobody’s going to do it for you, so you may as well get on with it yourself.


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