A new star on the horizon 




The new star in the MIRAVAL® COSMIC portfolio is visible now! Following the launch of our Gold and Bronze Pigments, we are proud to present the third color: MIRAVAL® COSMIC SILVER.

Again, this new pigment is based on calcium aluminum borosilicate which proved itself ideal for plastics applications. Its deep silver sparkle offers outstanding coverage and looks best against dark backgrounds. It won’t just tempt designers with its extreme brilliance and highly glossy finish. Its many unique styling possibilities and application options are every bit as captivating – it even complies with food packaging regulations.

Miraval® Cosmic Silver consist of specially coated synthetic borosilicate flakes. The platelets boast a very smooth, regular surface, which is why the pigments offer such intense color purity. The protective layer also increases mechanical stability & gloss and gives the platelets nicely rounded edges. Of course, it’s very easy to work with Miraval® Cosmic Silver to achieve a great variety of impressive silver effects.





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