Sustamid® PA6 G - Natural 


This type of nylon is unique in its manufacturing process. Where most thermoplastics are in the form of polymerised granules that are melted, formed and cooled down to produce a shape via an extrusion or injection moulding process, PA6 G, "G" being an abbreviation of the German word "Guss" meaning to cast, is a liquid caprolactum which, when poured into a mould, polymerises under heat and vacuum.

This process results in a high-molecular and highly crystalline polyamide type 6 material with outstanding physical properties and benefits for a vast range of applications. It also provides basic shapes such as a rod, sheet or tube that have excellent machining properties and produced in a variety of sizes. In addition to standard shapes, irregular and large partially finished shapes, such as large gear blanks or ring segments, can be manufactured economically.

Sustamid PA6 G has similar mechanical properties and chemical resistance to Type 66 nylon.

Good sliding properties
High mechanical strength
Outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance
Excellent electrical insulating properties
Very easy to machine.
EU & FDA approved for direct food contact applications
Working temperature range of -40°C to 110°C continuous.
APPLICATIONS: Rollers, rope pulleys, sheaves, trunion rollers, wheels, bushes, bearings, gears, cams, slide plates and wear strips. An ideal substitute for bronze, brass or aluminium parts.


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