JHG Single Screw Extruder, model 90/30/75kW 

NEW Specifications:JHG Single Screw Extruder, model 90/30/75kW.
Suitable for flexible PVC hose application

Features include:

- 90mm screw diam
- 30 L/D ratio
- 106rpm screw speed
- 200kg/h approx output (PVC pelletised material)
- 25kW barrel heating power (5 zones)
- Barrel cooling 5 zones by fan (180w/415v)
- Barrel temp controlled by Omron PID type (Japan)
- 75kW drive power
- DC drive type by Eurotherm or ABB
- 1000mm centre height (standard, however customer may specify)
- Heater switching by solid state relays
- Screw & barrel are of the highest quality nitrided type
- Feed system incorporates stainless steel hopper with level sight window and dump gate
- Tangential feed port 3D long with water jacket for cooling
- Gearbox utilising case hardened & ground helical gears with compact, quiet design with low vibration & integrated thrust bearing
- Control cabinet integrated or standalone
- Machines comes w/ spare parts & tools
- Standard colour: Blue 

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