Plastics and Rubber Industry Equipment 


Eriez offers an extensive range of quality products for the plastics and rubber industry.  We understand the unique challenges facing this industry and we have the solutions for improving efficiency, purity and profitability.  Eriez designs Metal DetectorsMagnetic Separators and Vibratory Feeders, Conveyors and Screeners to meet your needs. 

Need to capture and hold even weakly magnetic particles encapsulated in re-pelletized and virgin materials?   Look to Eriez PM Rare Earth Magnetic Grates and Aftermarket Drawer Grates, the strongest magnets available in the industry!  They effectively prevent costly damage and downtime for extruders, blow molders and injection molders.  Easy-to-Clean models are also available.

From the pioneers in Eddy Current Separator technology, Eriez ECS models remove aluminum, brass and copper from post consumer plastic bottles and PET flake to recover extremely high purity plastic with up to 98% good product yield. 

The revolutionary PolyMag® Process enables separation of mixed resin regrind from multi-material molding waste to recover valuable materials.  It’s ideal for co-extrusion, two-shot injection, overmolding, multi-layer blow molding and thermoplastic / thermoset foam assemblies.

FDA compliant- PolyMag® Metal and X-Ray Detectable Additives impart Metal Detectability, Magnetic Separation and X-Ray Contrast into a wide range of polymers. Major restaurant chains are insisting that their processed food suppliers utilize plastic and rubber articles that are Metal and X-Ray Detectable so that broken pieces of plastic do not reach their customers.

Our Magnetic Separators line is second to none.  It includes High Volume Drum SeparatorsMagnetic Head PulleysSuspended Permanent Magnets, Rare Earth Plate Magnets and the most powerful Erium® Rare Earth Roll Separators to remove both large and the small ferrous with very little labor and automated, self-cleaning simplicity.

Eriez’ array of Metal Detectors/Separators remove aluminum, brass, copper, stainless and mild steel particles from plastic regrind to protect shredders and granulators. Complete metal separating conveyor systems, highly sensitive E-Z Tec® models, economical Metalarm plate coils and compact vertical drop, choke feed and pneumatic systems are available.

With Vibratory Feeders, Screeners & Conveyors you have the ability to convey and screen hard to handle materials with accuracy, reliability and simplicity.  Vibratory Feeders are quick to clean for short run changeovers. Chopped fiberglass is conveyed without filamentizing or de-bundling the reinforcement.

We offer twelve Bin Vibrator models, for everything from small to large hoppers and silos.  They feature economical AC operation to help keep materials flowing.


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