Available Locally Bruckner BOPP Line. 3500mm wide with 5 layer extrusion 

We have available for sale in Australia a world class BOPP (Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene) line. Ready for immediate removal and installation anywhere in the world, this BOPP line is sure to impress.

Call David Macdonald on 03 9706 8066, or email [email protected] for more information.

An extensive selection of photos, along with a complete walkthrough video of the plant is available here ...


3500mm wide Bruckner BOPP line with 5 layer extrusion, 20-90micron at between 550 and 850kg/hr. 120,90,75,75mm extruders, Kampf slitter rewinder.

Original installation: 1989
5-layer extrusion upgrade: 1998
Kampf winder replaced: 2005

In production from 1989 initially manufacturing 3-layer BOPP products until upgraded with 5-layer extrusion in 1998.

Complete 5 layer, 3.5 meter wide BOPP line with the capability to manufacture transparent and white opaque films for sale into packaging and label applications.

Typically, the line has been used for the production of white opaque products in the gauge range of 20 to 90 micron, of physical densities between 0.50 and 0.96 g/cm3.
Typical figures are listed below.

Product Type Gauge (micron) Product Type Speed (m/min) Output (kg/hr)

  • Transparent 30micron 115m/min 650kg/hr
  • White/Opaque Packaging 30-42 micron 120-145 m/min 600-850kg/hr
  • White/Opaque Label 60-80micron 70-80 m/min 550 – 750kg/hr

Resin blending and heating

  • Colortronic volumetric blender (core)
  • 2-off Conair Franklin AutoWeigh gravimetric blenders
  • 2-off Conair TB100-4 gravimetric blenders (2007)
  • Electric heating for core and additives

Main Extruders

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 135/175mm tandem extruder
  • Primary extruder ME-135 screw diameter 135mm 20:1 L/D
  • Secondary extruder ME-175 screw diameter 175mm 20:1 L/D
  • Nominal output 1,500kg/h

Inner layer Satellite extruders

  • 1-off Telford Smith 120mm 29:1 L/D extruder
  • 1-off Telford Smith 90mm 29:1 L/D extruder

Outer layer satellite extruders

  • 2-off Telford Smith 75mm 24:1 L/D extruders

Polymer filters

  • Beringer EA40 filter between tandem extruders
  • Custom candle-type filter at outlet of tandem extruder
  • Beringer EA20 filter on each satellite extruder


  • Extrusion Dies Inc. 520mm AF6R 5-manifold die
  • Autoflex thermal lip adjustment

Chill unit

  • Bruckner casting machine model 42/24 WL 60
  • Chill roll 2400mm diameter 800mm width directly cooled
  • Primary and secondary indirectly-cooled water baths

Machine Direction Orienter

  • Bruckner MDO
  • Roll width 800mm, maximum web width 600mm
  • 16-roll preheat, 6-roll stretch (draw ratio 1:1 to 1:8) and 4-roll anneal sections
  • Indirect electrical heating via heat transfer fluid
  • Scrap winder

Traverse Direction Orienter

  • Bruckner TDO with FOK 4.4.2 track and sliding chain system

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