At Plasmac we are actual producers of PTFE and PTFE filled products. We have full inhouse moulding capabilities whereby we can produce rod, tubes, sheets and skived tapes. This means we can fit the bill to produce all types of seals, wipers, piston seals, rotary shafts seals, back-up rings, bearings, wear bands, O-rings and V-packings, PTFE  Balls or whatever your requirements are.

Diameters up to 900mm can be machined to your requirements

PTFE is a fluoro plastic. PTFE is portrayed by excellent resistance to chemicals. This is due to the strong carbon-florine bond in the molecular chain. The thermal operating range is between – 200 degree Celsius to +260 degree Celsius. The good anti-adhesive characteristic and low coefficient of fiction in static and dynamic conditions are features of PTFE.

Our most common PTFE filled grades include:

PTFE, Virgin

  • Corrosion and aging resistance,
  • Bear low and high temperature,
  • Low friction coefficient,
  • Excellent dielectric properties

PTFE, Glass Filled

  • Added in various amounts (5% to 40%)
  • Increases compressive strength
  • Rigidity and wear
  • Reduces creep and cold flow
  • Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties
  • Used in applications to decrease cold flow

PTFE, Carbon Filled

  • Added in various amounts (10% to 35%)
  • Increases compressive strength
  • Hardness, wear and load properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Various types and amounts of carbon can be added to alter conductivity

PTFE, Graphite Filled

  • Added in various amounts (5% to 15%)
  • Reduces coefficient of friction
  • Reduces initial wear
  • Increases strength
  • Compatible with most hydraulic fluids
  • Outstanding performance in hydraulic/pneumatic compression type rod and piston seals, bearing bands and rotary applications

PTFE, Bronze Filled

  • Added in various amounts (40% to 60%)
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable make
  • Longer service life

LD 1600 (The Second Generation PTFE with improved properties)

  • LD 1600 is a chemically modified PTFE that fills the gap between conventional PTFE and melt-processable PFA
  • LD 1600 is a second-generation modified polytetra-fluoro-ethylene (PTFE) that maintains the exceptional chemical and heat resistance properties of conventional PTFE, but with significantly lower melt viscosity.
  • This property results in better particle fusion during sintering and much smoother surfaces

LD 1600 PTFE offers a significantly improved property profile:

  • substantially lower deformation under load
  • denser polymer structure with fewer voids
  • lower gas permeability
  • smoother surfaces of machined parts
  • higher transparency
  • excellent weldability with special methods

At the same time it retains the exceptional properties of our standard PTFE:

  • very high thermal stability
  • broad and excellent chemical resistance
  • very wide service temperature range
  • excellent dielectric properties
  • no embrittlement or aging

LD 1600 opens up new design possibilities, processing options and applications. It is ideal for applications where end users specify particularly high standards of safety and reliability, e.g. in the seals and gaskets sector, plant and equipment construction, mechanical engineering, the semiconductor industry(for high-purity chemicals) etc.


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