Vision Inspection Machinery for the Plastics Packaging Industry 


IntraVis Vision Systems

IntraVis Vision Systems manufacture a range of vision inspection machinery for the plastics and packaging industries and they are available from HBM Plastics Technologies in Oceania.

The machinery offers turn-key solutions with specialist cutting-edge technology and downstream equipment for the inspection of bottles, closures, preforms and decorations.

The IntraVis range of Vision Inspection Machinery includes:-

  • BotteWatcher - Automated image system for the in-line inspection of plastic containers
  • SpotWatcher - Automated vision system for the inspection of containers for contamination
  • SnipWatcher - Automated vision system for coex bottle inspection
  • ColourWatcher - Colour inspection of preforms
  • CapWatcher II - Automated vision system for inspection of caps and closures
  • LabelWatcher - Automated vision system for label inspection
  • PET Watcher - Automated vision system for PET bottle inspection
  • PreWatcher - Automated vision system for quality control of PET preforms
  • PrintWatcher - Automated vision system for inspection of print quality
  • CrownWatcher - Inspects cap placement, tamper band, colour, print

IntraVis vision inspection machinery has been built to pick up and eject all defects during production, preventing scrap being processed. 

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