Researchers and urban planners are predicting that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. The increase in urbanisation has created a demand not only for beautiful aesthetics but for sustainable infrastructure. Suitable for sidewalks, parking area, pedestrian zones and the like, Elastopave® is an innovative material that yields a strong, water- and air-permeable surface with a modern look. Redox is the Australian distributor for Elastopave® by BASF.

Elastopave® is a mix of crushed mineral with polyurethane, providing many interconnected voids and a high degree of permeability. Given suitably absorbent ground, rainwater infiltrates effectively reducing the occurrence of large puddle formations. Stone bonded with Elastopave® is suitable not only for paths and driveways, but also for any applications where crushed stone or gravel need firm bonding. This may include indoor stone carpeting, patios, gabions, outdoor furniture, park benches, table tops, and for design and art objects.

Elastopave® is easy to procedure and the aesthetic design can be altered by varying the stone mix to match with the immediate surroundings. It also eliminates the additional costs associated with fully sealed surfaces, such as wastewater charges. The bottom line is real benefits in design, attractiveness, longevity, and eco-friendliness


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