In-Line extrusion profile weighing with Greiner RED.SCALE 


With plastic extrusion, the greatest effect on profile cost is achieved by reducing material use. Greiner Extrusion's newly developed profile stacking end-component - the RED.SCALE with digitally integrated profile weighing - enables a significant reduction in material use and profile costs. The quick and precise weighing, together with the permanent display of the current profile weight, makes possible very quick and targeted interventions in the event of profile weight deviations during production. Thanks to the seamless data recording, profile weight development trends can also be called up on the monitor at any time. Greiner's RED.SCALE is additionally equipped with an LED strip which shows as green as long the current profile weight is within the desired tolerance range. If the value is above or below this range, the LED strip lights up in orange.

Your benefits:

-precise in-line profile weighing

-permanent real-time display of the actual profile weight

-seamless data recording

-Display of trends in weight development on the RED.SCALE monitor as well as at the RED.LINE controls.

-enables quick intervention into the process

-yields significant material use reduction

-automatic stacking into good and bad products


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