Akulon IG® by DSM 


Supplied by Redox across Australia, Akulon IG® by DSM provides an effective alternative to P66 polyimides while delivering properties that help customers produce greener and lighter products with superior impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance, high heat resistance and excellent flame retardancy.

Akulon IG®, a PA6/46 blend high performance polyamide, brings together the best of DSM’s Stanyl® and Akulon®:

  • Stanyl® (PA46) offers a high melting point, resistance to short-term peak temperatures and good flow as it combines high stiffness retention up to 290°C with excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Stanyl® is also ideal for secondary operations in high temperature environments.
  • Akulon® (PA6) is a versatile thermoplastic, performing over a wide temperature range with good flow and high long-term resistance, resulting in continuous-use temperatures of up to 185°C.

Akulon IG® is engineered to be interchangeable with standard PA66 and has a property profile very similar to PA66, including E-mod, yield stress and elongation at break. The blend of PA6/PA46 does not rely on the ADN and HMDA building blocks, consequently the raw material feedstream is not capacity constrained.

Though its unique blend Akulon IG® provides a portfolio of material grades, suited to all processing techniques, including injection moulding that covers many applications. Products include:

  • Akulon IG-HG5 - 25% Glass Reinforced, Heat Stabilized
  • Akulon IG-HG7 - 35% Glass Reinforced, Heat Stabilized
  • Akulon IG-UH - unfilled compound used for a variety of PA66 material replacement opportunities using 0-50% glass filler.

To learn more about the characteristics of Akulon IG® talk to one of our industry specialists!


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