SPE Conference: The Future of Plastics and the Circular Economy 

by Australian Institute of Packaging 
on 15-Nov-2018 
at Pullman Melbourne on the Park, East Melbourne, Victoria 

There are a number of significant issues facing the plastics and packaging industries. One of these issues is waste plastics in the environment. Another one being what to do with the ever-increasing volumes of plastics waste in Australia now that there are limitations in the number of countries in the World which are willing to accept our surplus waste.

The National Sword Policy by the Chinese Government, which has virtually called a halt to our waste exports, seems to be a blessing in disguise for our plastics industry in Australia (and elsewhere in the World). This Policy has shaken the industry and society into action. This action was long overdue and has been a consistent message for the last eight years at the annual conference on Plastics and Waste held by the Australia-New Zealand Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers. It is now time that we all work together to find and implement solutions; with industry associations like the AIP and the SPR playing an important role.

The SPE Conference: The Future of Plastics and the Circular Economy aims to contribute to these discussions by presenting actions, solutions and supporting technology from across the globe (and locally) which could assist Australian society in its collaborative effort.

This shift will mean adjustments, investment and research. It will create new jobs, new industries and expand existing ones. It will bring along a change in behaviour. ‘Pull’ will have to be created in the supply chain for recycled materials by including recycled content in the products which we manufacture. Our plastics packaging industry will benefit from these changes, as will society in general. The AIP and SPE jointly support this effort.  We encourage you to attend the SPE Conference and learn more.

All AIP Members will receive a discount to attend.


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