Applied Machinery & Genox providing solutions to Australia’s recycling problems 

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The company helping to solve Australia’s plastic waste problem

The global problem of plastics pollution and the need for greater sustainability are perhaps the hottest topics in industry circles today.

Plastic, of course, is one of the most commonly used materials in the world – however, waste plastics are contaminating our food, water and air.

Many are calling for a global ban on single-use plastics because throwing them “away” often means into our river systems and then into the world’s oceans.

Plastic waste typically comprises packaging material such as drink containers, confectionary packets, water bottles and similar packaging items used in other consumer goods industries.

Tonnes of plastic debris – that can vary in size from large containers, fishing nets to microscopic plastic pellets or even particles – is discarded every year – polluting lands, rivers, coasts, beaches, and oceans.

Yet most of these items can be recycled.

What is recycling?

Plastic recycling refers to the process of recovering plastic waste and transforming it into functional products.

Plastics recycling helps conserve energy, reduce plastic pollution, while also reducing the pressure on virgin materials to create new plastic products.

Australia consumed more than 844,300 tonnes of plastic in 2016 alone, making it one of the most common components of rubbish that is collected from our homes and other spaces.

Australia is gradually improving its plastics packaging recycling rate, having recycled 263,000 tonnes of plastics packaging in 2016.

Still a long way to go

But a long road lies ahead of us, and we need to increase our commitment to plastic recycling before our landfill waste can be fully plastic-free.

One Australian company at the forefront of plastics recycling is Applied Machinery.

Established more than 25 years ago, Applied Machinery is one of Australia`s largest and most respected dealers of new and used machinery for the plastics and recycling sector as well as sheetmetal and engineering industries.

“We offer high quality, yet affordable machinery for Australian conditions,” says Applied Machinery Marketing Manager Daniel Fisher.

“And we don’t just sell machinery – we provide professional installation, support and training if required.

“We want more than just a one-off sale with customers … we want to be a part of their business and see their business grow. This is beneficial for both of us.

“Our service and support team are available to assist customers with whatever they need – including spare parts or technical training or advice on how to operate machinery more efficiently and increase their throughput.”

Recycling is now big business

Mr Fisher says his company has experienced strong growth in plastics recycling machinery in recent years.

“Over the past five or six years we have seen year-on-year growth in sales in the recycling sector.

“We are also seeing more awareness of the need to recycle.

“There are now a number of trade shows across the waste and recycling sector that didn’t exist seven or eight years ago, as well as new magazines and new websites with a focus solely on recycling.

“Everyone now has their eyes wide open, looking for the best ways to deal with the waste problem.”

Mr Fisher says more businesses are now working smarter, with less material going to waste.

Big cost savings

“They are committed to making sure they play their part and don’t send as much material to landfill, by recycling as much as possible.”

And more recycling means greater cost savings.

This is achieved by reducing transportation costs and charges for the amount of waste material sent to landfill.

Also, many businesses are creating new revenue streams by selling reclaimed material.

Mr Fisher predicts more Australian companies will focus on waste recycling now, and in the very near future following China’s decision earlier this year to ban imported waste – including mixed, dirty plastics.

According to Greenpeace, China was the dumping ground for more than half of the world's trash before the ban and, at its peak, was importing almost 9 million metric tonnes of plastic scrap a year.

Long term benefits

The recycled plastic goods industry has immense potential, says Mr Fisher.  “We are seeing more recycled product being used throughout the community,” he says.

This includes council and school playgrounds, park benches and tables, garbage bins, packing materials, traffic cones, plastic bottles and kitchenware.

It therefore makes sense for local businesses to invest in state-of-the-art machinery to streamline their recycling process.  

And while plastics recycling equipment can be an expensive investment, businesses stand to reap major benefits in the long term. 

State-of-the-art equipment

Applied Machinery are the exclusive distributors of Genox recycling machinery in Australia.

Genox is a leading manufacturer of plastics processing equipment, ranging from shredders, granulators and washing tanks to complete recycling plants for plastics, e-waste, tyres and more

By using Genox recycling equipment Australian companies are making a big impact toward achieving zero landfill.

In recent years Genox has introduced an extensive range of technically advanced machinery for Australian companies looking to achieve zero landfill.

To date, more than 150 Australian companies have selected the Genox brand for a reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for their waste reduction needs.

Strict quality controls

Genox can manufacture recycling equipment that’s customised to suit specific business requirements. They produce top quality, long-lasting machinery with the strictest quality controls, and to withstand the most demanding of applications.

Applied Machinery is also the exclusive distributors of Chen Hsong injection moulding machinery and Polystar film recycling machinery. Along with JWell extrusion machinery and the entire range of SML ancillary equipment.

On the sheetmetal and engineering side of the business, Applied represents some of the worlds leading machinery manufacturers such as Yawei, Hurco, Hermle, Akyapak, Weber, Cosen & Pro-Plas.

If you’re looking at upgrading your plant and equipment, Applied Machinery also offers a quality trade-in option.

To learn more visit:, or call 03 9706 8066


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