Formech at Formlabs LA Roadshow 


Last month Formech sponsored the Formlabs Los Angeles Roadshow, which was the second in their series after New York. Artists, designers, and makers from a variety of different sectors attended and took part in the panel discussions and break-out sessions.

Film, Toy Design, Industrial Design, Automotive, and Chocolate were some of the categories represented. Formech and Formlabs user Lev Markov from Snap Inc (Snapchat) discussed elements of their design process on the panel and our very own Nic Neath lead the ‘Small Batch Manufacturing’ break-out session with Formlabs’ Joe Malenchini. In this session existing users casually discussed different methods for 3D printing, appropriate resins for an assortment of processes and how to print molds for vacuum forming on a Formlab’s machine.

Afterward attendees enjoyed ‘New Agorist’ beer and tacos on the back patio next to the retro-cool Airstream provided our hosts at Munky King. Even the tap handles at the bar were 3D printed, we thought that was a nice touch! Patrons mingled while we ran demonstrations on our NewForm machine, utilizing panels 3D printed with a Formlabs’ ‘Form2’ printer in Grey, Clear, and Black resins. At the event we were able to reconnect with existing customers from Mattel, Caltech, Buildit Workshop, and Snap Inc., as well as make new friends that were interested in learning how to bring vac-forming in house as a means to not only save time and money in their workflow but also expand their capabilities and therefore offerings to their customers.


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