Genox Tyre Recycling Systems 


Genox Tyre Recycling Technology

End of Life Tyres present a severe environmental problem. Ever increasing traffic volumes, our reliance on motor vehicles, and stricter legislation usable tyre life is resulting in faster growing mountains of ued tyres worldwide. Genox recognises this problem and has therefore focused on the design and development of a range of advanced tyre recycling plants to tackle the issue. 

These fully automatic system, whereby manual debeading of the tyres is not necessary, feature ambient temperature processing, and don't create any form of secondary pollution. The plants are easy and maintain, requiring only basic traning. Ongoing operaional costs are amongst the lowest in the industry.

Prior to delivery from our facility, all tyre recycling systems are assembled and rigorously tested under "real world" conditions, not only to ensure the plant capacity, but also that the quality of the finished products is guaranteed. Customers are most welcome and are encouraged to attend these trials to see their plant in operation before it arrives at site. During these trials, training on the operation & maintenance of system can take place, and viewing of similar equipment in build is possible.

  • End of Life Tyres: Car, Commercial, 4x4, Truck & OTR (Off Road) etc.
  • Stage 1: Pre-Shredding of the tyres into approximately 50-60mm chips.
  • Stage 2: Size reduction typically into 12-20mm cumb in the heavy duty Rasper, in which process the Magnetic Separation was used to remove the liberated steel tyre wire from the rubber crumb producing clean wire.
  • Stage 3: Granulation of the rubber cumb into high quality 1-4mm granules, in which process the Air Extraction was used to remove Texile and dust by a central dedustin & filtration system.
  • Stage 4: Milling of the rubber 1-4mm granules into 40-60 mesh fine rubber powder.



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