New video highlights the benefits of vinyl flooring in hospitals 


A new video from the European-based organisation, PVCMed Alliance is designed to educate and promote informed decisions about the use of vinyl in healthcare delivery. The video highlights how using vinyl in hospitals meets the extremely specific requirements around patient and staff health and safety.

Hospital floors can be a daunting design challenge as they are exposed to heavy traffic 24 hours a day. They need to have excellent hygiene properties that are easy to maintain in order to ensure high levels of sanitisation. The flooring also needs to be shock absorbent, provide good acoustics and may need to integrate signage and zoned boundaries into the floor, making the hospital more welcoming and easier to navigate. Another desirable property for hospital flooring is that it is comfortable for staff who spend many hours a day on their feet.

Vinyl has long proven to be up to the task, and this new video succinctly explains how. 

In Australia, the use of vinyl flooring is contributing to the sustainability of many hospital redevelopments include Gold Coast University Hospital and Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

The Best Practice PVC verification program developed in Australia confirms a PVC manufacturer’s responsible sourcing, PVC BEP manufacturing and end of life product stewardship. To achieve Best Practice status, PVC manufacturers have to undergo independent third party auditing to demonstrate full compliance of their manufacturing process and supply chains with the world’s most stringent Best Practice Guidelines for PVC.

Best Practice PVC flooring products are recognised in Green Star under the Responsible Building Materials credit. 


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