evok3d professional 3D printer rental program 

by Evok3d 

Rent Use RenewRental options now available

evok3d are making professional 3D printers more affordable and accessible than ever before

When you need the latest technology to give your business the competitive edge, don't let capital expenditure restrictions hold you back. 

  • Access the technology your business needs today
  • Flexibility, so you can add, remove and upgrade equipment
  • Payments are fully tax deductible if used for business and may be considered off balance sheet

Contact us to discuss your requirements

There are many tax, cost, administration and technological benefits for your business:

  • Payments are fully tax deductible
  • Lower interest rate as we invest in the residual value
  • 100% financing including software, installation and maintenance
  • Removes ownership problems such as disposal
  • Allows you to keep pace to with technology at no extra cost
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced administration, no need to keep asset and depreciation schedules

At the end of the rental agreement you can either:

  • Return the old equipment and upgrade to new
  • Return the old equipment and walk away
  • Continue to rent on a month to month or for a fixed term with a discount
  • Offer to purchase the equipment for an agreed value

Contact us today to find out how evok3d  can help fit out your business with the latest 3D printing technology for your needs.



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