BOY with 3D-moulds at the Koplas 2017 


The BOY XS injection moulding machine demonstrates its advantages in the production of individual prototypes and in the cost-efficient production of parts in small batches at the Koplas – International Plastics & Rubber Show - in Seoul / Korea (07th to 11th March 2017). The medium-sized company BOY, together with the South Korean representative SCM Scientific Chemical Machinery, will present its solution for the additive production of mould inserts at booth P 403.

Instead of a part production with a 3D-printer, BOY is focusing on 3D-printed mould inserts. These individually printed mould inserts are installed into the compact BOY injection moulding machines by means of a mould changing system. In this way, injection-moulded parts are produced which have the same physical properties as in the production with conventional injection moulds. This is not possible with the additive parts manufacturing on 3D-printers. The use of printed mould inserts allows the processing of plastic parts from almost all materials - even glass-fiber-reinforced plastics - and a cost-effectively injection moulding in very small numbers is possible, too. For example, the material costs for the mould inserts used on the Koplas for the manufacturing of a karabiner are only about 30, - €.

Due to the quick and easy to exchange mould inserts in the mould changing system of the BOY XS, the setup times and costs are significantly reduced. If the dimensions and / or the shape of the parts change, a new mould insert is simply printed and inserted into the XS mould changing system.

"The topic" time to market" plays a particular role in Korea, too. With our exhibited mould changing system this requirement can be met particularly well," stated Wolfgang Schmidt, export manager of BOY.

For more information on Dr Boy equipment please contact TCL Hofmann - 03 8586 2900


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