Genox- Plastic Washing System 


Genox Universal Plastic Washing Plants are high performance recycling systems for the recovery of rigid or flexible plastics from derived form various sources, including materials with high contamination levels. 

We are able to provide effective, customised proposals and cost-effective solutions by listening to and understanding our customers' needs. These modular systems are capable of processing general plastics including:

  • HDPE Bottles
  • PE Films (post cunsumer or agricultural)
  • PP Woven Bags
  • PET Bottles

PP Woven Bag Recycling Line

Genox's woven bag washing plants are high throughput, high performance recycling systems designed especially for this application. Through extensive research of the PP woven material characteristics, we are able to provide detailed, effective system proposals which minimise the quantities of fines created, therefore keeping material loss to minimum.

In addition to the above, a proven, effective drying solution for PP woven material has been developed.


PE Washing Systems

These PE processing systems are designed for the recycling of materials such as post consumer HDPE bottles (with lables), drums and containers, LDPE & LLDPE films from product packaging and agricultural sources etc.

The resulting flakes/ granules produced are of high purity and low moisture content suitable either for sale or further processing.

Due to the varying input materials, contamination levels and system requirements in different regions we can offer a range of standard systems that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.


PET Bottle Washing Systems

Our PET bottle recycling plants are designed for the recovery of post consumer PET bottles including labels and caps typically form fizzy drink or water bottles.

These systems produce extremely clean, uniform sized PET flakes with low moisture levels.

Input material specifications and contamination levels vary by region and application, we therefore offer a standard range of systems that can be configured to suit the customers needs.


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