Genox provides the perfect solution for all types of waste and materials reduction. 


Applied Machinery Australia, one of the largest and most respected dealers of new and used machinery, is the sole Australian distributor for the extensive range of Genox granulators, shredders and complete recycling line.

Waste reduction and the associated recycling has become a crucial part of the Australian landscape over the last few years and plays a key role in minimising landfill and using recycled material in the manufacture of new products.

Genox is a combination of the words “Generating Oxygen” which serves as the cornerstone of their efforts towards creating a better environment through new and innovative technology. Both the employees and management of Genox work by this principle and constantly strive for the most effective, reliable and cost-effective solutions for waste materials recycling.

Over the past few years Genox has developed an extensive range of technically advanced machinery for waste materials processing which can be categorised into three specific areas: Plastics – including rigid or hard bottles, plastic film and general plastics; E-waste – including printers & toner cartridges, cables, computers and hard discs and thirdly - scrap metal.

For plastics processing, the Genox range is made up of single shaft shredders, twin shaft shredders, granulators, washing tanks and dewatering centrifuges.

When it comes to e-waste, copper cable, UBC’s etc the range includes shear shredders, heavy duty granulators, vertical crushers (densifiers), Eddy current separators and various types of air separation systems. 

“We pride ourselves on the quality of the Genox range of shredders and granulators. They have proven to be reliable and cost effective, and go a long way to assisting our customers to achieve their environmental goals and KPI’s. They have emerged as Australia’s favorite solution for all kinds of waste and materials reduction jobs,” said David Macdonald – General Manager of Applied Machinery.

It is no coincidence that Genox has also become a worldwide leader in the waste and material reduction category. The company invests heavily in research and development to ensure they remain at the forefront of waste reduction equipment.

The increasing need for material reduction machines and the crucial role they play in the recycling process is evidenced by the diverse applications in which Applied Machinery customers have put the varied machines to use.

“One of our customers purchased a Genox granulator to granulate fish waste from his restaurant so he could bag it and sell it as burly. This keeps the waste out of landfill whilst simultaneously generating extra income,” Mr Macdonald explained.

“Other customers will use a shredder to cut down bulky items such as pipes and large offcuts to allow them to be more easily packed for transport off to recycling facilities. These are just a few of the many uses for Genox machines,” Mr Macdonald went on to say.

Applied also provide customers with the option of adding separators to their line in order to minimize waste and maximise return. When shredding cable for example, this allows for separation of the valuable metal components which can be on-sold to metal recyclers, whilst the plastic can be transferred to a recycling facility for a new life as a recycled product.

“One of the major benefits of Genox equipment is that it can be customised to offer bespoke solutions tailored to suit the requirements of each and every customer.”

 “Another big advantage of purchasing from Applied is that we always keep an extensive range of Genox machines in stock which in most cases means same day purchase and delivery. This ensures our customers can take delivery quickly and put the machines to work immediately,” Mr Macdon 

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