Chende Injection Moulding Machines 


Chende injection moulding machines come from one the of the world’s largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines. With over 40 years experience, these machines are produced to the highest standards, for years of trouble free operation.

Applied Machinery introduced these machines into Australia 8 years ago and they have quickly become the best selling range of injection moulding machines available in Australia.

Chende machines feature fast, quiet operation, rapid die change and an easy to operate, intuitive colour Ai-11 control. Semi closed loop control and proportional hydraulics result in extremely low power consumption, which along with helping your bottom line, also ensures that your Chende machine has a minimal effect on the environment.

From 80 ton - 480 ton clamp tonnage, the M3 range is unbeatable value for money.

The large M5 series offers clamp tonnage from 650 ton – 3000 ton. This larger series of toggle clamping machines boast superb performance and sound value. With shot weights from 2.3kg to 45kg, there will surely be an M5 series Chende for practically any job. The M5 series utilises fully proportional hydraulics and semi closed loop Ai-11 control system. 

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