Speedy 500 Laser Cutter and Engraver 


The Speedy 500 is the ideal CO2 laser cutting and engraving system for those who process large surface materials and need high speeds and precision. The Speedy 500 is more flexible and productive than any other laser in its class.

On its 1245 mm x 710 mm in working area (49 x 28 inches), the Speedy 500 offers room for standard material sizes, from plastics, textiles, wood, paper and more. Despite the large working area, every corner of the interior is easy to access.

Multifunctional Table Concept (patents pending)
Trotec has developed a unique table concept for the Speedy 500. Depending on the application, the ideal table can be selected and exchanged quickly and easily. The options are the basic table base, engraving table, cutting table, honeycomb table and the vacuum table.

European Quality:
-Closed Processing Components with Trotec - "InPack Technology" A fully enclosed machine interior, in combination with the Trotec patented InPack Technology, offers optimum protection from dust and fume intensive applications such as wood and the cutting of acrylics. Lowest maintenance costs and the longest system lifespan are guaranteed as a result.

-Safe Laser Operation
Due to its unique enclosure design, the Speedy 500 is certified Laser Safety Class 2 (Class 1 without a laser pointer). It can operate safely in any production environment.

-Air-flushed Optics
All optics are air-flushed - cleaner lenses for maintenance-free work and a long lifespan are guaranteed as a result. Even the optics in the machine`s interior are air-flushed.

-Travelling Exhaust
An exhaust system is directly mounted on the working head and helps with the evacuation of dust and fumes that can be generated during materials processing.

-Suction on the Working Head
A suction system is directly mounted on the working head and helps with the evacuation of dust and fumes that can be generated during materials processing.

Trotec operate a subsidiary here in Australia which means you get the highest level of attention and support. The company also runs monthly open houses in most states where existing or prospective customers can come in and discuss their ongoing requirements and see how Trotec machines can help their businesses grow.

Technical Information:
Working area (49" x 28") 1245 x 710 mm Machine dimensions (75" x 49" x 45") 1920 x 1240 x 1,140 mm Material size (55" x 32") 1420 x 820 mm Material height (5.9"/11.8") 150 mm / 300 mm on basic table Laser power ranging from 60W to 200W "Sealed" CO2 laser Speed 254 cm/sec Acceleration 2g Weight 520 - 580 kg (depending on laser source) Accuracy +/- 0.1 Addressable accuracy encoder +/- 0.0046 Static repetitive accuracy <+/- 0.15

Pass-Through This feature makes it possible to process very long and bulky parts. With the pass-through feature used, the Speedy 500 becomes Laser Safety Class 4 device.

Focal Length Lenses
The 2.0", 2.5", 2.5" CL, 3.75" and 5" lenses are the necessary tools for a flexible and high-quality material processing.

troCAM Software Use the troCAM software for advanced CAD/CAM functionality and precision cutting jobs.

Extremely precise registration mark recording and cutting-pathcompensation system. With the aid of registration marks, it recognizes distortions in printed materials and adjusts the cut path. This is indispensable in the printing industry, in the manufacture of plastic foil keyboards, or in the treatment of some acrylic items.

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