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3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing 

About Us;

3D-Fuel filaments are the product a new venture by 3D printing materials manufacturers 3D-Fuel, 3Dom USA, and 3Dom Europe. With manufacturing facilities in Fargo, ND, USA and Moville, Ireland, 3D-Fuel filaments aim to deliver a range of highly specialized 3D printing filaments with an eye toward eco-friendliness and sustainability. introduces Eco Friendly Advanced 3D Printer Filament;

Introducting Eco3D, one of the best eco-friendly 3D printing options ever introduced into the Australian market. The eco-friendly Eco3D range includes up-cycled specialty filaments created with waste from the industrial processing of BeerCoffeeHempLandfill Trashengineering grade Glass Filled Filament.

We believe in 'Growing the Future’. At 3D-Fuel we believe in ‘making things better’. You are limited only by your imagination (& the size of your printer)!


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