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Color & Additive Technology you need.

Ampacet's black, white, colour and additive masterbatches meet the diverse appearance and functional requirements placed on plastic products. 

Ampacet combines additives to optimise processing and the performance of commodity and specialty resins. These specifically tailored masterbatches include: anti blocks, anti-fogs, antioxidants, foaming agents, flame retardants, fillers, optical brightness, process aids, purge agents, release agents, scents, slips, UV absorbers and inhibitors, and more.

We provide thousands of black and white masterbatch formulas, including those having high pigment loadings and those which impart UV resistance or electrical conductivity. Our broad palette of colour concentrates encompasses all organic and inorganic pigments, as well as those for pearlescent, metallic and other special effects. These are supported by a global colour team comprised of multiple disciplines that work hand-in-hand to create colours and effects that support our customers brand initiatives. Together, Ampacet's products and services facilitate ideation from concept to market.

To obtain specific information regarding& products, please complete our product inquiry form or contact your local Ampacet representative.


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