Jump Start - the experience of being alive

Jump Start consists of a skydive tandem experience for selected teenagers (from CANTEEN and PROJECT K).

The premise of Jump Start
The premise of Jump Start is that the experience of being alive transforms.

The elements are:

Facing fear:   Discovering inner strength
Placing trust in others:   Finding mutual support and team identity
Elation:   Skydiving is an intense experience of being alive
Confidence:   Gained from accomplishing the goal
Acknowledgement:   Applause as they receive a certificate of accomplishment
Belonging:   Being part of a group of first-time jumpers

JUMP START is a charity event which asks skydivers to help raise money to sponsor a Teenager from CanTeen or Project K.  The skydive Tandem Masters, Camera flyers and the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) , all  donate their time and resources to this event. RNZAF 40 Squadron supply a C130 Hercules aircraft and the PTSU (Parachute Training & Support Unit) provide support and coordinate the RNZAF crew. 

Sport skydivers & members of the public help raise the money to sponsor the Teenagers.

Jump Start has been incorporated as a “not-for-profit” organization (Click here to view Certificate of Incorporation) to manage the finances and liabilities associated with organising such an event. The directors are  Tim Fastnedge and Lars Bojsen-Moller.  The company is not-for-profit, and each year (after an amount has been set aside to ‘kickstart’ the following year), surplus funds will be distributed to CanTeen and Project K.


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