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Made locally. Recycled locally. PVC Recycling in Hospitals program leads the way in circular economy

The Vinyl Council of Australia wishes to clarify some recent reports about its increasingly successful PVC Recycling in Hospitals program. Managed by the Vinyl Council of Australia and its member p...


Performance Materials Gives Strategy Update

Merck Pty Limited

Merck today presented its strategy to secure the future prospects of Performance Materials. -Performance Materials positions itself as a leading provider of solutions for the electronics industry ...


Chen Hsong Jetmaster SVP/2 Large Servo drive series

Applied Machinery

The Chen Hsong Jetmaster SVP/2 Large Servo drive series Driven by a revolutionary intelligent servo system, the Jetmaster-SVP/2 Large power pack combines a fast-response gear pump with a high-pre...


Comprehensive digital resource explains fundamentals of plasticating equipment for injection molding and extrusion

Tasman Machinery Pty. Ltd.

Nordson’s 112-Page “Plasticating Essentials” Is Free to Online Registrants and Covers Screws, Barrels, and Front-End Components, including Details on All Xaloy® Products A wid...