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Once in a lifetime opportunity for secondary processing industry

China’s National Sword policy has been received with mixed reactions in the industry, with some concerns about the economic viability of the international recycling trade. However, Christian ...


New smart plastics igus linear guide keeps track of wear

Treotham Automation

When should I change my bearing? This question is posed by operators of systems that use linear robots and linear systems around the clock. It applies from the packaging machine and the glass proce...


Akulon IG® by DSM

Redox Pty. Ltd.

Supplied by Redox across Australia, Akulon IG® by DSM provides an effective alternative to P66 polyimides while delivering properties that help customers produce greener and lighter products with ...


Looking for someone to process your PVC scraps?

Welvic Australia Pty Ltd

We at Welvic Australia Pty Ltd are processors of recycled PVC materials as services including granulating, shredding, re-compounding or pulverizing scrap PVC. Give us a call and find...