Weighbatch Gravimetric Blenders 

Weighbatch Gravimetric Blenders provide the highest accuracy and throughput for both continuous and non continuous applications . Whether it be Injection or Blow moulding , Film , sheet , Pipe or profile extrusion

Weighbatch Features

Dual Feed technology
All Models incorporate Slide valves and metering wheels .Slide valve delivers bulk of material and closes, then the metering wheel completes the target weight delivery within a few grams for each material ( except Number 1 )

Self Contained Mixing Chamber
All material which exits the weigh chamber , is delivery to a fully contained mixing chamber .after predetermined mix time , mix chamber is inverted for material to enter storage area Never a missed mix

Viewable accuracy on the run
Each Weighbatch blender operator panel shows target accuracy and actual accuracy during delivery of each component . This enable operators to tune adjust or change slow down targets for metering wheel , in order to increase or decrease both accuracy and throughput

Minimum Rated throughput
Each Weighbatch Blender is rated for a 6 component delivery based on a operator set level of 47,33,10,5,3, & 2 % . Additionally , Mix time parameters and loadcell settling time is also pre-configured to give best accuracy and mixing .
Higher throughputs can be achieved very easily , with either less components being used , lower mix time , and lower settle time .

Stirrer options for regrinds
Larger Model Blenders ( MB 600 + series can be fitted with a Simple 3 Phase stirring system ) , which enables light weight fluff and flake to be feed into the weigh chamber of the blender along with other materials . Dual Slides are used with recycled materials to enable a larger aperture for the material to pass through . The compartment is fully sealed to stop dust egress and the compartment can be fed by either vacuum loading , auger , or cyclone systems 

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