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News One shot decorated injection molded parts from Krauss Maffei

Together with customer Weidplas Gmbh Swiss based auto component manufacturer, Krauss Maffei has commenced production of the world's first series application of their ColorForm One shot decorated i...

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ARLANXEO developed high-quality Keltan® EPDM products with enhanced sustainability

Lanxess Pty. Ltd.

ARLANXEO, a leading global player in performance elastomers, is addressing challenges faces today. These include reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, greater fuel efficiency and lower dependency on ...

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Fusion FX Geoclassics


FusionFx infuses color at random into an injection-molded PP part. “FusionFx ensures that finished products are consistent, but never look exactly alike. The designer be- comes the artist,&rdquo...

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Industrial Products & Applications

Cresta Plastics

Cresta Plastics traditionally has worked for a number of industries, collaborating with some of Adelaide’s finest mechanical designers and toolmakers. Whatever your product or application may...

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